We are pleased recognize the following individuals who made gifts to the Friends of the Baker-Nord Center. Their generosity is greatly appreciated and will help the Baker-Nord Center achieve its mission of highlighting and invigorating the humanities and arts at Case Western Reserve University and building a world-class university.



Emily Adams
Stanley and Hope Adelstein
Chris Ash
Patricia Ashton
Bonnie M. Baker
Lina Bigornia
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton
Rev. James L. Caddy
Mark P. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway
Sari Feldman and Matt O’Dwyer
Nina and James Gibans
Drs. Kenneth and Martha Grundy
Elaine G. Hadden
Mary Louise Hahn
N. Sue and Robert Hanson
Mr. David R. Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hunt
Jane W. Kessler, Ph.D.
Ursula Korneitchouk
Ellen and Howard Landau
Patricia Leimbach
Drs. Allan and Nancy Lerner
Bob and Susan Nedorost
Edward J. Olszewski
Constantijn Petridis
Richard C. Renkert
Paula and Meyer Reshotko
Samuel M. Savin
Sam and Valeria Slack
Nancy Strauss
Jim Szabo
Mrs. Seth Taft
Sandra and Nick Vodanoff
Elizabeth Warshawsky
Nancy L. Wolpe


Premier Supporters

Stephen and Judith Adams
Edith Fellinger Hirsh
Dr. Marguerite B. Humphrey
Nancy and Joe Keithley
Barbara S. Robinson


Director’s Circle

Virginia M. and Randall J. Barbato
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jackson
Timothy M. O’Brien