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The Body in the Book: the Fabrica and the Epitome (1543)

Date: Thu. April 16th, 2015, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
Location: Ford Auditorium, Allen Medical Library, 11000 Euclid Avenue


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December 2014 marked the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius and medical history institutions across American and Europe are marking this occasion with celebratory exhibitions and programs. To commemorate Vesalius’ legacy, the Cleveland Medical Library Association is hosting this special public lecture by Sachiko Kusukawa.

Dr. Kusukawa is a Fellow in History and Philosophy of Science, Trinity College, Cambridge University, and her research has focused on the observational, descriptive and pictorial practices in the development of scientific knowledge in the early modern period (1500-1720). Her work on visual arguments in sixteenth-century botanical and anatomical works resulted in Picturing the book of nature, (University of Chicago Press, 2012), which received the 2014 Pfizer Prize as outstanding book in the history of science by the History of Science Society. The chapter on anatomy in Picturing the book of nature focused upon the work of Vesalius and that will be the topic of Professor Kusukawa’s lecture.

The lecture will immediately be followed by a reception at 7:00PM in the second floor reading rooms of the Allen Memorial Medical Library.

Please RSVP to Dzwinka Holian at 216/368-3642 or

In advance of talk, you may hear Dr. Kusukawa discuss her work on Youtube:
The Art of the Original Fabrica, by Sachiko Kusukawa
The Historical Context of Vesalius, by Sachiko Kusukawa

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