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Graduate Student Work-in-Progress: American Femmes fatales

Date: Thu. December 1st, 2016, 4:30 pm-5:30 pm
Location: Clark Hall Room 206, 11130 Bellflower Road


Stevens WIPIn two recent operas, Anna Nicole (2011) and American Lulu (2013), artists have updated and adapted the genre’s old archetype of the fallen woman – and moved the setting to the American South. In his talk, Nicholas Stevens, a PhD candidate in the Department of Music, demonstrates how the sounds of stateside popular music help European composers and writers remake a fundamentally nineteenth-century storyline. Historical musicology, film and television studies, and cultural theory light the way in this examination of contemporary opera’s American femmes fatales.”

Pre-lecture reception begins at 4:15 pm.

For a video of the presentation, click HERE.


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