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The Issa Lecture: Interspecies Ethics

Date: Tue. February 24th, 2015, 4:30 pm-6:00 pm
Location: Clark Hall Room 309, 11130 Bellflower Road

Interspecies Ethics Book Image

Cynthia Willett, a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Emory University, draws upon animal studies and relational ethics to propose transpecies ideals of communitarianism and cosmopolitan peace. Expanding our understanding of human and animal capacities begins with appreciating the capacity in ourselves and other animals for wonder and acts of moral beauty. These capacities call for a paradigm shift in moral philosophy.

A reception in Clark Hall Room 206 will immediately follow the lecture.

Free and open to the public.  Registration recommended. Registration Button






About the speaker

Cynthia Willett

Cynthia Willet Cynthia Willett is a professor of philosophy at Emory University. Her books include Irony in the Age of Empire: Comic Perspectives on Freedom and Democracy; The Soul of Justice: Racial Hubris and Social Bonds; and Maternal Ethics and Other Slave Moralities. She has also edited the anthology Theorizing Multiculturalism and is a coeditor for the Symposia on Race, Gender, and Philosophy.




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