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Creating a Digital Database on High-altitude Human Biology

Date: Wed. March 19th, 2014, 1:00 pm-1:00 pm

A Freedman Fellows Presentation

432_Cynthia_Beall_06Kelvin Smith Library will host a presentation by 2013 Freedman Fellow, Dr. Cynthia Beall (Distinguished University Professor, Anthropology). Dr. Beall will discuss the challenges and solutions related to her research, and how they were addressed by the Freedman Fellows Program and its corresponding support.






About the speakers

Cynthia Beall

Dr. Beall’s research is focused on the adaptation of indigenous highlanders (Andean, Tibetan and East African) to the low levels of oxygen where they live at altitudes above 10,000 feet. Her project, “Digital Database on High-altitude Human Biology,” set out to design and implement a database of the biological characteristics of people living in these high altitudes. The database will replace 13 previously maintained independent spreadsheets that often presented problems with data integrity and consistency. The outcome will be a searchable, expandable electronic database for research and scholarship.




Roger Zender

Roger Zender (Team Leader for Digital Learning & Scholarship, Kelvin Smith Library) will present with Dr. Beall to discuss how the library worked with her through the Freedman Fellows Program to create a database to solve these problems. Zender will discuss the basics of data management and how it can assist other researchers facing similar challenges.





Additional Resources

Click HERE for information on the Freedman Fellows Program.

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